LABIQUANTIUM, the efficacy of the best marine algae, Ascophyllum nodosum, at the service of a formulation designed to minimise stress situations, nutritional blockages and favour the synthesis of self-defence substances (phytoalexins). Its composition presents a conjunction between algae and polysaccharides, obtaining a vegetal synergy for your crops. The polysaccharides have the function of nourishing the plant and providing it with the necessary energy in the vital process of photosynthesis. Without sugars, the plant will not be able to survive at the time of its vegetative development. If we provide polysaccharides in the plant, the chloroplasts will activate the process of photosynthesis, balancing the whole metabolism of the plant. This will go together with the application of LABIQUANTIUM, to which we also contribute algae being an excellent biostimulant for the plants. They will provide your crop with a perfect adaptation to any kind of stress and a hydric and osmoprotective cellular balance, protecting the plant cells from the negative effects derived from hydric stress thanks to the mannitol present in the Ascophyllum nodosum extract.