Labin - Carbon footprint reduction plan

To reduce the carbon footprint, LABIN has drawn up a carbon footprint reduction plan based on the value of Tn of CO2 resulting from the calculation made with the MITECO calculator and Scope 1+2. Thanks to this calculation we can know the activities that contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases and focus on reducing them. What?

  • We are committed within a period of 5 years to reduce our carbon footprint by 70% in our liquid and solid fertilizer plant, betting on the use of electric forklifts, thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuel and buying electricity that comes from 100% energy renewable and have GdO (Guarantee of Origin).
  • In our granular fertilizer plant, we have eliminated the gas in our manufacturing process, using vegetable biomass, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions. On the other hand, we continue with the commitment to reduce emissions by improving different scopes of our processes.

In LABIN we are specialists in Plant Nutrition, both because of our permanence in the market (more than 70 years, since 1948), and because of our wide range of specialised products. We focus on improving crop performance, by increasing production, improving quality and increasing resistance to physiopathies, all of the above achieved through correct NUTRITION.

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