Chemistry, a cross-cutting sector

Chemistry is a discipline that, despite going unnoticed, is present in almost all the scientific and technological advances that have allowed the progress of humanity throughout history; a contribution that has not only improved and perfected many areas of the daily and business life of society but has also contributed to achieving a better quality of life.
The chemical sector is known to be a cross-cutting sector, as all other sectors to a greater or lesser degree depend on it, in terms of products, materials or the involvement of chemistry in their processes. They make it an axis for many industrial and business sectors and hence its importance in our country.
Some figures corroborate this. At present, at the level of the Spanish state there are more than 3000 companies in the chemical sector, thus establishing itself as one of the most powerful and consolidated sectors, with companies most of which, more than 60%, have been operating for more than 15 years. And Catalonia is extremely important, as almost 1300 of these companies are in Catalonia.
It is a sector in constant growth and constant renewal, where companies are firmly committed to product innovation. And this is confirmed by the fact that in the last 10 years, the use of chemical products has increased by 15%, making the chemical industry currently the most stable economic sector.
Currently, in Anoia County there are more than 35 companies in the chemical industry, which manufacture for very diverse sectors, producing a wide range of products for agriculture, automotive, water treatment, leather industry wastewater processing, the production of nickel-plated finishes, products for construction, hygiene and cleaning products, personal care products, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry products, cosmetics, toiletry and perfumery sector products, treatments for human and animal nutrition and products for coatings and painting. The chemical industry in Anoia County reverts to hundreds and thousands of companies inside and outside this territory.
When we talk about chemistry then, we are talking about a consolidated and firm industry as well in our area, a sector with values, a commitment to a job well done and a commitment to the territory and the environment. A sector that plays a key role and a role that will continue to play in the future, in the face of the challenges that the transformation of the environment, from energy, the environment, the industrial sector, the citizens... all will need in order to continue to be an avant-garde sector, with leading companies and professionals that allow us to respond to the social and environmental challenges that the future holds for us.

This Code of Ethics identifies the values and ethical principles that the companies who make up UEA (Anoia Business Union - Chemical sector) that we consider they should inspire and guide our attitude and actions in the development of our business activity, both individually and in the industry as a whole.

These shared values and common ethical principles are reflected in our firm commitment to respect and exercise good practice in relation to the following aspects:

Natural environment

  • Development of our activity with respect for the environment, with the aim of minimising the environmental impact and the risks that may be associated with our production processes and products.

  • Rational use of natural resources and raw materials, sustainable and responsible waste management and commitment to a circular economy model.

Regulatory compliance

  • Actions in accordance with current legislation in all areas of law that affect our activity and establishment and a rigorous application of regulatory compliance control procedures.

Territorial and social awareness

  • We focus our efforts to promote the economic development of the region, fostering and retaining the talent of Anoia County and its surroundings and working as socially responsible companies.

Education and training

  • We train and inform our human resources continuously in the aspects necessary for their correct professional and personal development and we facilitate the access to the training to other groups external to the company.

  • We have a close collaboration with the educational centres of the region in order to facilitate to their students the realisation of curricular practices in our companies.


  • Promotion and maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment and the promotion of well-being.

  • We ensure strict compliance with the occupational risk prevention policy and we comply with safety and emergency protocols, monitoring the application of the best techniques available for our sector.

  • There is a close collaboration with the emergency services and the public administration to ensure the safety of the company and of the general public.

Quality - Innovation, research and development

  • Implementation and maintenance of quality certifications in order to establish management systems in companies that guarantee the quality of their products or services.

  • We are committed to innovation, research and development of new products that are more sustainable and adapted to the new technologies of a constantly evolving market.


And so we commit ourselves:


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