Products for Plant Nutrition

LABIN is one of the first Spanish brands in products for Plant Nutrition, both for its permanence in the market (since 1948), and for the wide catalogue of its specialities and specific products. Its vocation for innovation has made it a pioneer in many advances, both conceptual and real: Organo-mineral fertilisers, Organic products, Sustainable Agronomic Solutions, etc.

LABIN has contributed with its ideas of complete and balanced nutrition, assimilataion, bio-health, respect and imitation of natural processes, etc...that today are already universally admitted and recommended.

LABIN'S products and solutions continue to advance, at the pace of changes in agricultural techniques and cultural advancements, along with the whole process of research, development and innovation that the company has promoted in recent years. As manufacturers and distributors of LABIN products, our "LABIN philosophy" is being applied in all processes and products with our own "LABIN technology". We are contributing to achieve a more modern, more profitable, healthier agriculture with the maximum respect for the environment.

At LABIN we focus on improving crop yield by increasing production, improving quality and increasing resistance to disease, achieved through its proper nutrition.


Our mission is to improve the quality and profitability of agricultural and gardening operations for our customers, as well as the control of deficiencies and general vigour, by introducing the best ecological and environmental practices.


Our vision and objective is to be at the forefront at a European level of global and personalised solutions with a vision of sustainability and care for the planet for agricultural farms and gardening operations with differentiated agronomic results.

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