LABIFITO is a highly technified fertiliser designed to provide fully assimilable phosphorus and potassium. The application of phosphorus in the form of phosphite is very beneficial for most crops, as it has a strengthening, biostimulating and preventive effect against fungi and bacteria.

The perfect translocation of this product gives it great mobility and makes the protection reach, with great intensity, all parts of the plant.

The phosphite ion applied via the leaves and roots exerts a fertilising action comparable to that of phosphates. On the one hand, replacing all phosphoric fertilisation with phosphite can, in some crops, cause phytotoxicities, and in other cases, with certain difficulties in absorbing the phosphates, may prove to be the solution. The best results are obtained when only a part of the phosphoric nutrition is replaced by phosphite. In these cases, in addition to the nutritional effect, all the side effects of stimulation and invigoration are triggered, which, on the other hand, the phosphates do not achieve, whatever the dose of application.