LABIFITO Cu is a liquid foliar and root fertiliser rich in potassium and phosphorus with a copper content. The application of phosphorus in the present form is very beneficial for most crops, since it has a strengthening, invigorating, bio-stimulating and preventive effect against fungi and bacteria.
This product has been developed to stimulate plant receptors to produce phytoalexins, phenols and polyphenols to create fungal and bacterial resistance. Thus, providing an increase in crop production and invigorating the quality of phosphorus, potassium and copper, providing an assimilable form for the plant, producing a strengthening of the tissues, mainly in trunk, neck and root.
It is used in the stages of maximum consumption of phosphorus: formation of the root system, flowering and setting.
The product, as a whole, has a nutritive and stimulating action, especially significant in certain fungal diseases that typically occur in plants weakened by nitrogen fertilisation.